ARJITEC is multi-disciplinary group with an internationally



experienced team of Architects, Engineers and Designers


with projects in construction ranging from industrial


developments, residential design to hospitality.



Project involvements usually include the whole life cycle


of the design process, from the concept design stage



to handover over three disciplines: architecture,



engineering and work supervision,



utilizing strengths and talents of individual team members.



With over 30 years of project experience in Morocco,



ARJITEC is proficient and knowledgeable with the



international and local codes, trades, suppliers and customs.



ARJITEC has also been involved with, and coordinated



prestigious international projects and has positioned



itself to manage projects in multiple locations.



Lead Staff



Arji Ali
Chief Executive Operator
Architect Desa, Engineer Emi,
Urbanist Paris 8

Hassan Arji
General Manager Architecture
Architect Dplg, Engineer Estp
Finance Master Paris Sorbonne



Karim Arji
General Manager Engineering
Engineer Estp, Urbanist Paris 1
Ponts & Chaussees Master


Reda Bargach
Head Of Architecture Department
Architect Dplg


Matthieu Place
Head Of Operation Department
Engineer Insa Lyon